Baby Bytes: An Awful Mom, Or Just Having Fun?

baby on laptop
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Moms everywhere doubt their parenting abilities, while others just wing it.

And even here. [Babble]

Meanwhile: Are you spending enough quality time with your kid? Or are they secretly feeling bereft and abandoned? [Mothering]

Even more to worry about: Are you unknowingly raising a psychopath? Or are kids just pure evil? [Amalah]

According to the New York Times, there's nothing to worry about. Check out "The Moral Life of Babies." [The New York Times]

And for a little bit of outrage: New York midwives lose the right to deliver babies at home. [Guardian]

And just FYI: What the health care reform bill means for families. [Babble]

We're almost there! Bite your tongue before saying these 10 things to a woman trying to conceive. [momlogic]

And finally, one more reason to flee the country. [An American Dad in a Swedish Fatherhood]