Best Of The Web: Sleeping With Kids And Winking

couple in bed with baby

Plus keeping the engagement ring, office romance and tattoos.

Maybe you will find Mr. Right at work… but be careful of getting what you wish for. Andrea Syrtash's book, He's Just Not Your Type, is going gangbusters on the book aisle (virtually and in the bricks n' mortar sense), and she sits down with Glo to drop some non-type wisdom. 

Riding the non-type wave, KB IN NYC discusses success in taking a less laser beam approach to meeting someone cool. One caveat when being open: if you like nice guys, do not start dating douchebags.  

Speaking of DBs, Freakonomics guru Steven Levitt has discovered why people get tattoos: sex. And, of course, Jezebel has a problem with this. 

Ladies, when spelunking the cavern that is romance, after you get rid of the stalactite parameters for a mate, you stalagmite not work for him. Luckily, COED Magazine has 5 signs that you're a keeper. Numero seis: you laugh at a story you've heard 40 times. 

Wow, this whole kids sleeping in the same bed as the parents meme is the topic that's sweeping the nation. Can't wait for that Oprah episode. MomLogic discusses. Happily Paying The High Price Of Co-Sleeping

Finally, my good bud, Simone Grant, knows the virtual and real world of dating like the back of her little hand(s), and she finds the virtual "wink and wait" strategy to be pretty lame. Thank goodness she didn't castigate the real life wink; it's my Seth Rogen rolling the dice in Knocked Up dance move… it’s all I got. 

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