Best Of The Web: Sleeping With Kids And Winking

couple in bed with baby

Plus keeping the engagement ring, office romance and tattoos.

The whole love and relationships thing is sort of our schtick. Still, we have to acknowledge that there are some other sites out there covering our beat tolerably well. This week, we're giving props to some of the following websites, as they have avoided embarrassing themselves when it comes to talk about sex, love and romance

First up, it being wedding season and all, a warning from Lemondrop… engagement makes women less happy. Is it the realization that they're going to have one man's genitals for the rest of their lives… or is it a way smaller problem? Also, Lemondrop recounts the tale of an aggrieved fiancée who doesn't plan on returning the engagement ring. Shocking. 

Our new pals at Guyism have a weird story about a dude who probably won't be marrying his lady any time soon. He leapt from a moving car in order to escape the nagging, badgering and caterwauling he was receiving. Melodramatic, or justified due to the mental abuse? You decide. 

Over at the illustrious Huffington Post, one Dr. Ali Binazir discusses how to keep the wheels greased on the discourse freeway of love. Plus, he explains why convenience is the enemy of the good. I blame unpredictable predictive text. 

On the topic of text speech, The Frisky wants to know if you would be cool with your partner having a BFF of their opposite gender. IDK, LMK PDQ. OK?

On the topic of jargon, Em & Lo ( pass out some knowledge on how to fish off the company pier, how to pee in the company pool and how to have sex with a coworker. Addendum: learn if your office has security cameras in order to either avoid them or get your best angle.