Amanda Seyfried & Dominic Cooper Split Over Rumors

Amanda Seyfried Looks Angry

The actress and her Brit boyfriend are on a break after he was seen partying with Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan strikes again! Amanda Seyfried and her British actor boyfriend Dominic Cooper seemed to be so in love only a few weeks ago when they walked the red carpet together at the New York premiere of her movie, Letters to Juliet, but now they are reportedly "on a break" after Dominic was spotted partying and possibly hooking up with the Firecrotch this week in Cannes, France.

According to, Amanda and Dominic, who have been dating for three years, are taking some space from each other, following reports that Dominic and Lindsay were seen together at 5am. Amanda, who played Lindsay’s frenenemy in the 2004 film Mean Girls, couldn’t have been too happy about that! Lindsay Lohan Is Trying Out A New Style: Men

"They have been on and off for a long time," a secret source told Us Weekly. "Right now, they are taking some space from each other."

"They still talk all the time and are trying to work things out," added the source. "They are still very good friends."

Unfortunately for Amanda, she has talked about her relationship with Dominic a good deal in the past, and now those quotes may come back to bite her in the butt.

"I think he’s the one to be with and marry but not right now. I just hope he’s still in love with me six years from now," she said of Dominic back in 2008, when they played on-screen lovers in the film Mamma Mia!.

More recently, she told Teen Vogue that she still wasn’t sure if he was "the one." Shouldn’t she know after 3 years?

"Too much planning can lead to heartbreak," she said. "Love is great and possible always, but it’s very rare to have the feeling that 'I want to be with this person forever.'"

Considering that this isn’t Dominic’s first rumored cheating, we can understand her hesitation. Amanda, you can do better!