The Summer Date Movies We Can't Wait To See

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Summer sun too hot for you? Stay cool with one of these summer date movies.

Now that summer's coming, we can say goodbye to coats, colds, hay fever, and best of all, spring's notoriously bad movies. Iron Man 2 came out a couple of weeks ago, marking the beginning of summer's crop of blockbusters. As much as we all love our outdoor summer dates, we've got to admit that it's nice snuggling up inside a darkened, air-conditioned theater when the humidity gets too hot to handle. Here are our summer movie picks for 2010:

Release Date: July 16
One of the best parts of movie dates is talking about the film afterward, and we can assure you that Inception will provide plenty of action-packed brain candy for you and your guy to discuss. Christopher Nolan, who directed Memento and the new Batman films, has assembled a stellar cast for his latest psych-adventure film. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Cobb, a thief who harvests secrets from people's subconscious while they are dreaming. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy and Michael Caine also star. 5 Coolest Celebrity Bromances

Dinner for Schmucks
Release Date: July 23
Steve Carell and Paul Rudd come from the rare breed of comedian whose movies score with both men and women. If you're into high-concept comedies, you'll love this American remake of the film Le diner de cons, about a group of executives who compete to bring the dumbest guy they can find to a dinner each week. Paul Rudd stars as the man who brings Barry, played by Steve Carell, as an extraordinarily stupid IRS employee. It's an Anchorman reunion!

Jonah Hex
Release Date: June 18
OK, we'll admit that when it comes to summer movie dates, we have a bias toward blockbusters with a heart. What's better with romance than explosions? That being said, make sure you catch Jonah Hex, a fantasy Western featuring Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, John Malkovich and a slew of gadgets that are simultaneously old-fashioned and futuristic.