Love Bytes: Decoding A Man's Body Language

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Plus, a virgin gives relationship advice and a website that takes the anxiety out of first dates.

Love Bytes: Twelve must-click love and relationship links.

Novelty baby names may seem like a good idea, but usually aren't. [Café Mom]

HowAboutWe, a new dating site, matches users up by their first-date ideas. [Asylum]

Not all sexual intercourse is created equal, especially when you're in college. [College Candy]

Whether you're married or single, here are three steps to having a dirty but memorable summer fling. [Lemondrop]

Is seeking relationship and sex advice from a virgin as ridiciulous as it sounds? [Em and Lo]

Even love has some jaw-dropping statistics, from how much a first date really costs to the likelihood a woman has ever been paid for sex. [Yahoo! Shine]

Is hormone therapy a viable medical solution for women going through menopause? [Huffington Post]

Play dates with your fellow mommy friends may seem like one of the highlights of motherhood, but oftentimes they end up being an episode straight out of high school. [Glo on MSN]

People communicate their intentions 90% through the use of body language, which is why a guide to decoding your man's signals and movements can be so revealing. [Marie Claire]

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