Me and My BOO BOO!!!!!


ahhh me and my man were in mrs hayes class and she asked him to sweep the floor and i was like he cant swee and i asked him to let me sweep and he was like noo and i was like please and i was liek using my pout face and poking my lips out and he was like ok ok and then i called him awimp and i was like you and my daddy are just alike i get anything i want yall two are such wimps and he was like ok and then he said my daddy wears his pants to tight and i was like ok and i was lik ok dont talk to me anymore and then he was like o are you mad at me and i was like not answering him and then i was just sitting at my desk and he came and wrapped his arms around me and he kissed me but i didnt kiss him back and then i was like acting like i wasnt happy but on the inside i was like Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash and then i was like ok thats why i didnt kiss you back and i was like and you messed up my hair and then the bell rung and we kissed again it was just alltogether a good day for me !!!! i am so in love with him its just pitiful!!! s yeah i just love him to death and i hope i never lose him!!!


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