It's War Between Kate Hudson And Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson

Years ago, Kate Hudson banged Justin Timberlake. Now, Cameron Diaz is getting payback.

This is priceless. There is a feud raging between Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz over their once-after-another sexy time with Alex Rodriguez.

Or at least there is within Kate Hudson's mind. Kate Hudson Hates Cameron Diaz Dating ARod

As reported earlier, "Kate Hates Cameron," is "pissed she's dating A-Rod," and is convinced this is all some sort of payback for her seduction of Justin Timberlake back in 2007 — only days after Diaz ended a four-year relationship with him.

"Kate thinks it's payback, pure and simple," an insider told Us Weekly. But things have been tense between the women for some time. Hudson has been happy to remind pals that she scored a coveted spot in the musical "Nine" that Diaz had craved.

"Kate thinks Cameron is an aging old-lady actress struggling to remain sexy and relevant," a source close to Hudson said. [Source: NY Post]

Alright, Kate... psycho much?

As a friend of Diaz reports: "She [Diaz] thinks it's a joke Kate would be mad . . . Kate is only upset because she hates being single."

That sounds about right. After all, it's not like Diaz is the only blonde beauty A-Rod is likely getting jiggy with — she's just the most prominent. Cameron Diaz And Alex Rodriguez Having Sleepovers

But then again, who wouldn't enjoy making Kate Hudson suffer just a little bit? Go #teamcamerondiaz.