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Does Masturbation Count As Sex?

Does Masturbation Count As Sex?
Lawrence Taylor seems to think masturbation isn't sex. What do you think?

Besides raising the contents of our stomachs into our mouths, Lawrence Taylor's rape case has also raised a number of important questions about sex. Namely, does masturbation constitute a sex act?

Taylor is claiming the 16-year-old prostitute (whose pimp allegedly beat her before bringing her to the ex-NFL player's hotel room) was only present while he pleasured himself and no intercourse took place.

Not knowing the answer to the "does masturbation count?" question ourselves, shocking as that may be, we decided to pose the question to our intrepid Facebook fans. Sure enough within a matter of minutes a heated debate began.

What emerged from the discussion is the idea that there are "levels" of sexual acts, with masturbation, oral sex, intercourse, etc. falling at various points on the spectrum. And you agreed—for the most part—that regardless of whether or not there was actual penetration, that the 16-year-old girl was violated. Lawrence Taylor Pleads The Self-Pleasure Defense

So dearest readers, it would appear that people do in fact regard masturbation as a sex act. Do you agree that in all circumstances masturbation is sex? Or is it only sex when there is another present? Would you classify your alone time with your vibrating friend last night as "having sex"? Give Yourself A Hand!

Masturbation is one of our culture's biggest taboos. But it's also one of our favorite pastimes. Talk about a disconnect.

What do you think? Is masturbation a sex act? Is it only a sex act if it's witnessed by another person? Comment below!

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