Did Matt Lauer Leave His Wife For Meredith Vieira?

Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira

Another day, another celebrity cheating on his wife. This time it’s Matt Lauer. Surprised? Who In The World Has Matt Lauer Slept With?

According to the National Enquirer (who were the first to report both Tiger Woods’ affairs as well as John Edwards and were even nominated for a Pulitzer this year, we might mention,) Matt Lauer has left his wife of 12 years, Annette Roque, after she accused him of having an affair with someone he works with. While the name of the female(s) are still in question, the Internet is all a-twitter that one of the women may be Matt’s co-host, Meredith Vieira.

Annette, a Dutch-born model who has three children with Matt, first became suspicious that her husband was cheating when Matt stood her up for Valentine’s Day this year and, instead, chose to stay in Vancouver during the Olympics, where he was often spotted partying it up with various women. Adding to the mystery, a Today Show insider also informed Annette that Matt was getting especially close to two female broadcasters at the network! Is Cheating An Addiction?

So could it be true? Matt does allegedly have a history of cheating, according to RadarOnline and other sources. However, we find it hard to believe that Meredith, who has been married to journalist Richard Cohen for the past 25 years, would risk her entire career and marriage just to bump uglies with Matt. Why Women Cheat

Either way, it’s certainly going to make for must-see TV this week on the Today Show!

Photo Credit: DailyWorldBuzz.com

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