Does Anne Hathaway Have Another Thief Boyfriend?


Anne Hathaway's new boyfriend might like to steal stuff almost as much as her imprisoned ex did.

America's big-eyed sweetheart Anne Hathaway just can't catch a break. First she was the only lead in Brokeback Mountain not to get an Oscar nomination. Then her boyfriend went to jail for being a crazypants fraudster and robbing the Catholic Church. THEN Clash of the Titans pushed Alice In Wonderland off most of the country's 3-D screens. And now her new man-toy is a thief as well! Oh, Anne Hathaway. We feel your problems, for they are just so relatable, like that movie about how you had to take Town Cars everywhere while Meryl Streep glowered at you.

To recap, a couple of years ago lovely Anne was dating this fellow named Raffaello Follieri, and with that name you knew he was either a world-class tennis player, the Vatican's PR guy, or a Six Degrees of Separation–style con man and thief. In 2008 it turned out that he was the last one, and now Follieri is serving a four-and-a-half-year prison sentence for stealing $50 million from supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle (yep, the guy who's pals with Bill Clinton and co-owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins). Anne Hathaway Wants A Law-Abiding Man

Anne, of course, didn’t know that her boyfriend was a thief. The FBI seized her journals when they raided Follieri's apartment in Trump Tower, but she bounced back in 2009, earning her first Oscar nomination for Rachel Getting Married, and generally looking incredibly fabulous. And she began dating an actor named Adam Shulman, which is how we got here. Anne Hathaway Wants To Love Again

According to The New York Post, Shulman is accused of stealing part of a street mural painted by an artist named Mr. Brainwash. The owner of the building where Mr. Brainwash did his artwork, Ken Hart, says that he won't press charges if Shulman returns the bit of art he took. "If he brings me back the art, it's over," said Hart, the president of H&H Builders. "But if he doesn't, I'm going to the police to report it stolen!"

Okay, sure. We have always felt quite inferior to Anne Hathaway, as she is gorgeous, talented, and quite gracious, but now we feel even worse. The most our ex-boyfriends ever stole were speed limit and stop signs to decorate their dorm rooms. We're sure Adam will sort this out, though—he looks like an agreeable sort. Much better than that sketchy Follieri guy. And for the record, we're still pretending that Bride Wars was a collective hallucination.

Via Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.