Reese Witherspoon Is Ready To Marry, Just Not Jake

reese witherspoon

Reese is dropping hints about her ring size to Jim Toth while Jake Gyllenhaal quietly weeps.

Poor Jake Gyllenhaal. Turns out that Reese Witherspoon is ready for marriage... just not to him.

Yes, it's not even been half a year since Jake was left broken-hearted, down on one knee that the rumors are flying that Reese is ready for a proposal... a proposal from CAA talent agent Jim Toth.

That's got to sting, especially since the whole premise for the Gyllenspoon breakup was that she just didn't think she would ever be able to get married again. It's not you, Jake — It's me. Split: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

Oops. Now, rumor has it that Reese is already trying on engagement rings and dropping off hints about setting, stone and size.

Reese micromanages everything," says a friend to OK. "Of course she'll want to give some input on the ring she'll be wearing for the rest of her life."

But while Reese has been eyeing diamonds, friends say she is still waiting for Jim, a Hollywood agent, to take the lead.

"She isn't going to propose to him or anything like that — she's still a Southern girl at heart," says the source. [Source: Celebitchy]

Can you even imagine what Jake is going through? No wonder that he's purportedly cut contact with her!

Says a close friend to PopEater's Rob Shuter: "Reese was without any doubt the love of Jake's life. He took the breakup hard and still isn't ready to move on yet. As much as he would love to have remained friends and see her and her children, it was just too painful. They have little contact with each other, which is probably for the best." Jake Gyllenhaal Mends Broken Heart