Online dating and seriously looking for humor?

Online dating and seriously looking for humor?

Some online daters take humor way too seriously. Here are some quotes I took from dating profiles I found on just one online dating site:


I love a sense of humor because humor helps us see things in a pro-active light.

I love people with a sense of humor because humor gives us perspective.

To find humor and an intense connection, that is my mantra.


Wow, talk about somber. I’d probably find more levity in a scientology pamphlet. If you want to find someone who has a sense of humor, or appreciates one, then you need to demonstrate that you have a sense of what humor actually is. So describe it. Tell potential online suitors what makes you laugh or what makes you think you’re funny yourself. Just don’t get all philosophical about it. Humor is supposed to be merry not meditative. 

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