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Is A Man Who Cooks The Ultimate Turn On?

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At a party, we all play a specific role: the social butterfly, the wallflower, the comedian, the annoying drunk, the flirty married girl, the copper magnate, the Chinese industrialist, Dabney Coleman, etc.

For too long, my party role has been "the comedian." I rely solely on my wits to attract women—wits some would argue seem to ebb a little as the party wears on. I end up sort of just saying stuff in the general direction of a woman I'm interested in, hoping, by some miracle, we end up in a cab together. Lemondrop: Chubby, Stubbly Geeks? The Secret Guy 'Types' Women Lust After

I don't have a backup skill. I've never learned a second language, taken up archery, water colored, become a krav maga blackbelt or made any serious commitment to my abs. I always just rely on being the funniest guy in the room to get a girl into bed—but it doesn't always work. (Nobody ever got funny because they had great social skills, perfect bone structure and an infinity pool.)

I realized this at a friend's party one weekend not long ago. He goes by many names, but for our purposes we'll call him Coop. Coop's always throwing these things where he cooks up a storm, and I've always loved them and come just to eat, get drunk, and occasionally mistake his marinade bucket for a recycling bin. I never realized ol' Coop had a grand design that I was unwittingly part of. While I stumbled around enjoying Coop's cooking, telling jokes with barbecue sauce on my chin, Coop was manning the grill. Getting hit on by women left and right. Lemondrop: Recipe For Seduction—The Lasagna That Should Have Gotten Me Laid

Written by [Redacted] Guy for Lemondrop.

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