Happily Paying The High Price Of Co-Sleeping

Love, Family

My wife and I co-sleep with our kids, and we pay a price. But what we gain is worth the sacrifice.

My wife and I bed hop.

No, not like that.

Rather, we hop from our big bed to a toddler bed to a mattress on the floor of the living room. We hop from kid to kid, from the toddler to the baby and back. We stumble past each other in the night carrying our children, each of us sleeping in as many as three different beds on any given night. 

You see, we co-sleep. It doesn't help that we have two of the lightest-sleeping children around. They scratch, they nurse, they cry, they get growing pains. Even worse, they wake each other up. This makes co-sleeping hard. 

The upshot of all this? I am desperate to sleep with my wife. Don't Let Kids Ruin Your Sex Life

Again, no. Not that way. I just want to sleep next to her. And fall asleep. And then wake up. Next to her. 

The impact of our sleep decisions echoes throughout the day. Because we do not sleep well, we are always tired, and drink too much coffee. Not only this, but there is a subtle loss of intimacy that is hard to recapture once the day has begun. We are also forced to go to bed either earlier or later than we actually want. Good Dad And Loving Husband: Can I Be Both?

Sounds hellish, huh? It's not. We wouldn't change a thing, and for one reason only: this is a one-time deal. We'll never get this time back with our children. I get to hug my daughter all night only once. I get to rock her scared little brother back to sleep only once. Our children will only be little once. I, however, can sleep later. My wife can sleep later. And for all that we lose, the closeness we gain as a family is bigger than that.

Sometimes, after we wake up, we all move into the big bed and lay and laugh together. And sometimes, the kids even wander off, and my wife and I roll into each other's arms and catch a glimpse of our past... and our future.