Online dating and the meaning of fun.


Ever see a dog’s head tilt in bewilderment as you talk to it? I find myself doing that when I read the words “I like to have fun” in a dating profile. It’s perplexing in the way that fanny packs are considered dorky but cycling jerseys with pockets at the back aren’t.


I never had a Sylvan Centre tutor but, as far as I know, implicit in the meaning of fun is pleasure, isn’t it? Nobody has fun and dislikes it. It’s as redundant as saying “I enjoy euphoria”.


Fun is pleasurable, like it or not.


I find “I like to have fun” worse than “I love to laugh”, another trite passage from online dating profiles. At least I can actually think of times when I wouldn’t love to be laughing, like during an endoscopy (Little camera down your throat. It’s okay… I had to look it up too). I can’t think of a single time when having fun wouldn’t be likeable.


If you’re on,, Lavalife or any of the big dating sites then you have to stand out and be unique. So, instead of saying a banal line to convey how spirited you are, list the activities that you find fun. Or, list the activities or traits that make you fun to be around. They’re much more interesting than a superfluous, poorly constructed cliché like “I like to have fun” which, ironically, sounds boring.

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