7 Bad Celebrity Mothers

Dina Lohan worst celebrity mothers
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This Mother's Day, thank your mom for not being a crazy fameball.

Kate Gosselin

Just because you can have eight babies doesn't mean you should be on TV pretending you know anything about parenting. Or dancing. We're beginning to feel like we're repeating ourselves.

Joan Crawford

Crazy-ass Joan Crawford was the bad mother to which all bad mothers should aspire. According to her daughter Christina's 1978 memoir, Mommie Dearest, Joan treated her adopted children more as pets or props than kids, including staging Christmases for TV cameras, and terrorized them over issues as trivial as cleaning their rooms and putting clothes on—gasp—wire hangers.

Courtney Love

Where do we start? Well, at the beginning. Courtney has admitted that she used heroin while pregnant with Frances Bean Cobain, who's now 17 and lives with her grandmother. Frances also has a restraining order against her mother, who's been acting increasingly erratically lately even as she's released a new album and is attempting to jump-start her music career. In the annals of embarrassing parents, there's your mom picking you up from school in her pajamas, and then there's everything Courtney Love has ever said and done. Egad. Courtney Love Says Ugly Women Are Better Lovers

Those alleged housewife people

We only know a little about these vulgar women Bravo is trying to make happen. We know that they are not "real." We know that some of them are not wives, and certainly none of them have ever done enough manual labor to qualify as a "housewife." We know that one of them likes to flip over tables while screaming. We know that this one's eyes are too far apart and her hair looks like a dead animal and she likes to dress her baby up like it's a shih-tzu. We know that one of them has attempted to have sex with her friend's teenage son. Everything else, we rely on Joel McHale to tell us. But we would prefer to pretend that these wretched beings do not exist. Real Housewife Headed For Real Divorce

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