Jeffrey Morgan And Hilarie Burton Have A Baby

Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
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Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan managed to keep their relationship and baby a secret.

Talk about keeping your private life a secret. Former One Tree Hill actress Hilarie Burton, 27, and her TV actor beau Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 44, (who totally looks like Javier Bardem's long-lost twin brother) have not only been dating for a year, but they also pulled a Sandra Bullock and had a baby together, all without the tabloids finding out! 9 Secrets A Healthy Couple Shouldn't Keep

Although some whiney celebs talk the talk (Ahem, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson), if the Twilight lovers really wanted to keep their personal lives on the down-low, they could follow Hilarie’s example and not be photographed at all during during the entire length of their courtship, which would probably require getting out of New York and LA for a while. (Hilarie and Jeffrey hid out in New Mexico while he shot a movie there with Hillary Swank.) Top 10 Best And Worst Celeb Couples

According to US Weekly, Hilarie told friends about her pregnancy back in August 2009 and gave birth to a baby boy a “few months ago,” although no other details were revealed. The couple made their first joint-red carpet appearance back in April at the premiere of The Losers, but before that, Hilarie had not been seen in public for almost a year.

We offer the sneaky couple our sincerest congratulations and hope that we never hear about them secretly splitting up! 

Photo Credit: US Weekly