How to Love Yourself

How to Love Yourself

I often hear my clients say such things as “I sure would like to love myself but I have no idea where to start.  The whole concept is so foreign to me” or “I have tried for years to love myself without results.”  This might appear to be sad yet let’s take another look at this. If we go back 30-50 years and think of the women and men who raised us …What do we remember?  Did they even entertain the thought of loving their authentic self? Probably not, or if they did there was so much guilt attached you never heard them speak it out loud. With this in mind we are actually living in the most exciting of times. Today both men and women all over the world are saying, “If I loved myself more I would be a better lover, parent, partner or friend.  If I understood this foreign concept, my life would be happier and more fulfilled.”  I am not talking about ego love but the pure love that is accepting and kind to self and others.

Today we are going to begin on a journey of self love with three easy steps.

1.     Let go of what others think of you.  This is something that often grips at your heart. It is easier if you step back and get a really big view. How important is it really? Take a couple of deep breaths and ask yourself the magic question, “How much will this matter in a week, month, year or more?” Answer truthfully and you might decide that it was not as important as your first reaction indicated.

2.     Acknowledge yourself for your gifts. You are the only ‘YOU’ there is. No one is exactly like you. Make a list of 10 things that are special about you. Now do this every day for a week. By week’s end you will have 70 different things you appreciate about yourself. If you get stuck ask others for ideas. What do they see? What do they appreciate about you? If you have never asked this question of others get ready to be happily surprised.

3.     Be Happy. Do, at least, one thing each day that makes you smile. Who do you prefer to be around?  Someone who is grumpy or happy?  Be the person you want to be around. It makes loving yourself much easier.

Do these things as a beginning step to self love and don’t forget to celebrate your wins along the way. Enjoy being YOU! You can hear an audio about self-love here.


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