Inside Charlie Sheen and Brooke's Leaked Prenup

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller stands to make more money if she stays married to Charlie Sheen, but will she?

Despite headline-making tales of domestic assault and rumors of Charlie Sheen cheating on her, Brooke Mueller has denied that she will be divorcing her Two and a Half Men-star husband.

And why should she? According to the hard-hitting journalists over at, who obtained Charlie and Brooke’s prenup, Brooke is being paid a substantial sum every year to stay married to the hard-partying actor who is reportedly worth over $16 million. However, considering that Charlie is allegedly hooking up with an escort and the two are living apart, Gawker went ahead and added up what Brooke would walk away with in the event the couple splits. Charlie Sheen Is Violent, Likes Threesomes

Upon wedding Charlie in May 2008, Brooke received a $500,000 payment. (Not too shabby for a wedding present from your husband, right?) However, in return, she signed away her right to any of Charlie’s other earnings, like his hefty Two and a Half Men salary, which means she wouldn’t be entitled to spousal support. (Although, child support is still an option, as the couple had twins in March 2009 and the subject wasn’t broached in their original prenup.) She also receives a yearly “anniversary payment” of $300,000 for every year they are married as well as an increasing share in their Beverly Hills home, which may be reason enough for Brooke to stick with Charlie for a few years longer. Brooke Mueller Moves Out On Charlie Sheen

However, if Brooke were to file for divorce this week, she would walk away with:

Wedding Payment: $500,000

2009 Anniversary Payments: $300,000

2010 Anniversary Payment, Pro-Rated: $275,000

Aubrey Road Real Estate Share, Pro-Rated for Two Years and 11 Months: $2,356,000

Plus an additional $100,000 relocation fee and the car that she is currently driving for an estimated total of $3,566,000, according to Gawker. Brooke Mueller's Pre-Rehab Party

Forget going to college and becoming a CEO, marrying (and then divorcing) a Hollywood celebrity seems like a viable career path to riches these days.