Lindsay Lohan Will Portray Linda Lovelace

Lindsay Lohan

Tyler Shields and 'Inferno' producer both claim that Lindsay is on board to play the '70s porn star.

Last month, director Rob Epstein denied reports that Lindsay Lohan would play Linda Lovelace in his biopic, Lovelace. We've now learned that she will be portraying the Deep Throat star but in a completely different film: writer-director Matthew (no, not the "Break My Stride" guy) Wilder's Inferno. Confirming this news is Inferno's producer, Wali Razaqi, who told the Los Angeles Times, "We’ve all thought that Lindsay would be a great choice for a while now, and we’re all convinced that she is going to do it." When Did Porn Become Mainstream?

The buzz around Inferno, which will also star Bill Pullman as Hugh Hefner and possibly Josh Lucas as Linda's husband, Chuck Traynor, began back in 2008 when both Anna Faris and Rose McGowan were attached to the lead role. Lindsay has yet to make any comment about her involvement in the project, but her friend, photographer Tyler Shields, who will be working on the film's promos, reported that Lindz has indeed been cast as the porn legend-turned-anti porn activist. An official annoucement will be made at the Cannes Film Festival later this month.

Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Labrecque asks a very interesting question: "Is it wise for an actress who seems to be struggling with her own demons to tackle a character who promises to venture into some really dark places?" After all, the very bubbly Anna Faris reportedly dropped out because the role was too "heavy" for her. So, what might it do to someone with LiLo's obvious issues? What Is Going On With Lindsay Lohan?

Of course, if Lindsay can pull off such a meaty, challenging role and come out in one piece, she could find out what it's like to be targeted by the media for praise rather than ridicule. And done right, a part like this has Oscar written all over it.

Scoop via Entertainment Weekly and San Francisco Chronicle. Photo via Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin.

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