Sunset Daze: Not Your Grandmother's Love Advice


The wise, sexy stars (don't call them grandmas) of "Sunset Daze" share some real-life love advice.

Uh, hi, have you seen WE's new retirement-home reality show, "Sunset Daze"? (It premiered this past Wednesday, so find a rerun if you missed it, STAT!) The drinking! The flirting! The GOLF CARTS!

It's like the cast of "Jersey Shore" if the cast of "Jersey Shore" could hold its liquor and didn't make us want to drill holes in our heads like those crazy people we once saw on an episode of "Dateline."

The ladies of retirement community Sun City Grand have learned a thing or two about livin' and lovin,' and it shows. So we emailed two of our favorite cast members, Sandy and Joanne, and asked them to answer some of our pressing relationship questions. Lemondrop: The Sex Advice We Wish We'd Gotten As Teenage Girls

Today, we ask the ladies to address that rabid raccoon of emotions: Unrequited Love. Their answers ("Try skeet shooting!") may surprise you.

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Written by Lemondrop Staff.