Online dating because you’re tired of being alone?


When I see an online dating profile that says “tired of being alone”, do I think “don’t let this tiger get away”?. No. Not ever. “Tired of being alone” makes me think you’re desperately lonely. By that I mean “bring bread to a park and even pigeons wouldn’t keep you company” kind of lonely. Saying “tired of being alone” sounds as though no one wants to be around you. 


If you’re on, Lavalife, Plenty of Fish, or any of the big dating sites then you’re competing against millions of others who are making themselves sound appealing. So, rather than sound like someone everyone passes up, sound like someone nobody would pass up. Let potential suitors know you’re a great catch and that you’re not the Andy Dick of online dating.


Writing “tired of being alone” also implies you’re looking for anyone. In other words, not anyone special. As such, you’ll attract people who don’t think much of themselves and turn off those people who hold themselves in high regard. 


In summary, don’t send the message that you need to fill a void. Instead, let people know there’s room in your life for the right one.

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