Single And Looking? Consider These Cities

man talking to woman at bar

The 10 best cities to live in if you're a single woman looking for a bachelor.

Once, while visiting L.A. on a business trip, we stopped in a Paige denim store to try on some oh-so-Hollywood jeans.

While we were there, we got to chatting with the salesgirls and told them that we were about to get married. They had been a little bit snooty, but suddenly their eyes got wide, and they were hanging on my every word:

"Does he have a brother?" said one, nearly breathless.

We realized she was half-serious, from which we gleaned something that shocked us: We live in New York City, where the man-to-woman ratio can be rough, so we had always assumed it was pretty much the worst American city to try to date and mate in. (From what we hear, Sydney also has a man drought.) But from what these very pretty girls were suggesting, Los Angeles was just as bad. Lemondrop: The Real Reasons Women Under 30 Aren't Having Sex

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Written by Carrie Sloan for Lemondrop.