Bristol, Levi And Tripp: One Big Happy Family?

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston

Now that he is making child support payments, Bristol Palin is warming to Levi Johnston.

What is more shocking: the fact that Levi Johnston has made on-time child support payments for two months in a row? Or that he and Bristol Palin are happily seeing each other outside of that? Bristol And Levi's Custody Fight Heats Up

Yes, even if it is just to pass off 1-year-old Tripp between then, Alaska's most famous teenage parents, Bristol and Levi, are in a good place... finally "getting along" and "being civil towards one another," say sources. Is Levi Johnston Playing Mind Games With Palin?

Reports TMZ:

Ever since Levi paid off his $21k debt to Bristol -- in full -- earlier this year, lawyers for both sides confirm that he's followed up with a $1,750 support check for both March and  April. 

But what's more impressive -- sources connected to both Levi and Bristol tell us that the two Alaskans are being civil towards one another.

In fact, we're told Bristol -- who was awarded primary custody of 1-year-old Tripp -- is even allowing Levi to spend time with their son "whenever Levi wants" ... and Levi has been taking her up on the offer.

We're told Bristol and Levi are also planning to sit down for private mediation to work out the rest of the kinks in their custody battle -- mainly money issues and visitation -- before they're due back in court in September. [Source: TMZ]

It seems like the two are finally maturing!