Sea, Sun, Scalpel - How far will you go to impress

Sea, Sun, Scalpel - How far will you go to impress

Summer brings with it ideas of suntanned bodies relaxing on sandy beaches, volleyball and beach parties. And, as many people know it is the time to show your body off in short shorts and tiny tee-shirts.


Many people however, dread summer because they are not happy with their body shape and weight and do not want to go out in public wearing skimpy clothes. A few years ago the solution to getting the perfect summer bod was to spend a few weeks at the gym and a day at the tanning salon to get that golden brown look on your toned body. Today, trim, tanned and toned is no longer enough and people are placing higher expectations on their body that it is impossible to naturally fulfil.


Women want D or E sized breasts, perfectly curved derrieres with no hint of fat and slim thighs and arms. A washboard stomach is of course a must have along with a beautiful face and perfect nose. Since a double D is not something that can be achieved in gym and no amount of dieting can give you that perfect nose, people today are turning to cosmetic surgery for their summer look.


As for men, the muscular look is in, and it is possible that many men will also turn to plastic surgery to get their bodies in shape.


Hundreds of advertisements for summer makeovers and summer cosmetic surgery discounts are available now, as most plastic surgery clinics know well enough to take advantage of this trend of needing the perfect summer bod!


Plastic surgery procedures are not as straight forward as you may be led to believe, despite being commonly referred to as nips and tucks. It often involves the scraping away of cartilage, bone tissue and cutting out muscle and fat from the body. Also, the recovery is very painful and the procedures are expensive. Many people have also had accidents and suffered several adverse effects after having plastic surgery. Heidi Montag for one, now claims that she cannot hug anyone or go jogging on account of her body becoming fragile after having aback scoop and her size E/F breast being to heavy for her slight body to carry around should she go jogging.


This cause one to question: has plastic surgery become a panacea for dissatisfaction with one’s looks and even worse, has it become so commonplace that it can now be seen as a short cut to having a good body for the summer? Is getting cosmetic surgery just to look good for summer a good enough reason?


This is not an advisable trend to promote as it can lead to teenagers barely out of puberty resorting to breast implants because they have not yet grown into their body shape and do not like the way they fill out a bikini top.