David Boreanaz Cheated On His Wife

David Boreanaz and Jaime Bergman

Add David Boreanaz to the list of male celebs who just can't stay faithful.

In this week's issue of People, Bones star David Boreanaz has admitted to, uh, boning other women during his nine-year marriage, saying, "Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities. I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible." How To Heal A Relationship After An Affair

David's decision to go public with the news stems from what he calls an extortion attempt by his former mistress. He claims that the unnamed woman asked for money after their sexual relationship ended. As a follow-up to People's story, RadarOnline.com is now reporting that David's ex-lover threatened to take her story to the media and hired—who else—Gloria Allred to represent her.

The news of this new affair dredges up a Star report from December about David's alleged tryst with none other than Tiger Woods' #1 mistress Rachel Uchitel. Although this story has never been confirmed by either party, it was reported that David and Rachel had an affair last spring while David's wife Jaime Bergman was pregnant, and that Rachel ended things two weeks after Jaime gave birth to David's son. So, will David cop to this affair now that he's already admitted to another? Are Tiger Woods & Rachel Uchitel Still Dating?

As we all know, Rachel hired Gloria to represent her when the Tiger scandal broke, and Rachel received a sweet $10M check to keep quiet about their relationship. Now it would seem that David Boreanaz's mistress is also looking to cash in. Of course, Gloria defended her client by stating, "It is a typical line of many male celebrities to make that claim [about blackmail]. There is no merit to it in this case. I do represent a woman who had a relationship with him. Now that he is attacking her, I do expect that she will want to tell the story of their relationship so that the truth will come out."

Photo via Axelle/Bauer-Griffin.