Seth Green Marries Girlfriend Clare Grant

Seth Green Clare Grant married

Family Guy, Robot Chicken actor ties the knot with his longtime love at Skywalker Ranch.

Seth Green, the voice behind Chris Griffin on Family Guy and the creator of the Adult Swim program Robot Chicken, married his girlfriend, actress Clare Grant, on Saturday at George Lucas's wine country Skywalker Ranch. The couple began dating in 2008 when Clare did a voice on Robot Chicken, and they got engaged at the New Year. We never thought Kenny Fisher from Can't Hardly Wait would turn out so well!

Seth told Us Weekly that he met Clare "in a comic book store. And now I won't let her go!" Which, well done. And don't they look happy? Parody master Weird Al Yankovic Tweeted on Saturday (no, really, apparently he and Seth are friends and he was at the wedding), "Just watched my buddy Seth Green get married. Beautiful wedding. Much love to him and his lovely bride Clare." We kind of hope he wrote them an alternate wedding march, with lyrics about Dr. Evil and animation. Wedding Day Disasters

We've always liked Seth, from way back when he was playing misfit werewolf Oz on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and then when he was among the zillions of later-famous people in 1998's grad-night extravaganza Can't Hardly Wait. (Seriously, EVERYONE was in that movie. And yes, that tells you pretty much exactly how old your correspondent is.) And he was deeply hilarious in the three Austin Powers films and in a recurring role as Kevin Connolly's nemesis on Entourage. Is It Better For A Man To Be Funny Or Rich?

Now, of course, Seth is a budding animation mogul, with his flourishing series Robot Chicken, and he's reportedly been hired to co-write the new Star Wars animated series, which explains how he and Clare scored such a sweet wedding venue. They look delighted and we wish them all the happiness in the world.

Via People and Us Weekly. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.