My Husband Is A Fantasy Baseball Addict

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One wife tells us what it's like to share her husband with an imaginary baseball team.

There we were, checked into one of the most stunning hotels in Vancouver, and my husband had just one thing on his mind—and it had absolutely nothing to do with me. No amount of negligee (or lack thereof) was going to distract him. Guidebook in hand, I headed out to explore the city, while he sat in front of a laptop for the next six hours doing his fantasy baseball draft. Lemondrop: 10 Things Not To Say To Any Baseball Fan (Particularly Us)

Spring has always been my favorite season. I start to seriously plot out the makeup of my little Brooklyn garden and fantasize about the weekend adventures we'll embark on as the weather warms. But about three years ago, spring took on a whole new meaning, thanks to a certain co-worker my husband befriended. To be fair, I liked him in the beginning, and not just because he liked my dachshund. He also had a nice girlfriend, so I reasoned that he had to be a good guy. Then he did the unthinkable: He asked my husband to join his fantasy baseball league. 

One of the reasons that I initially fell for my now-husband was the fact that he seemed to have a complete and total lack of interest in sports. Having both attended a suburban high school that deemed football far more important than funding for A.P. classes, I relished our shared indifference to homecoming and face paint. Sure, he'd occasionally turn on a basketball game, or mention going to the ballpark on a breezy summer night. In other words, it was a sane level of interest. Lemondrop: Shuttlecocks, Frolf, And 13 Other Surprisingly Sexy, Sporty Date Ideas

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Written by Liz Ozaist for Lemondrop.