7 Steps To Smoky Eyes

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Men love smoky eyes on a woman. Here's how to get the look (pun intended).

Want a seriously sultry look for a hot date this weekend? Bring on the eyeliner, shadow and mascara. A smoky eye is one of the sexiest makeup looks..and also one of the most daunting. How to pull it off and make it look easy, 7 simple steps:


1. Start with clean, dry skin. Excess oil will make a mess of shadow and mascara, so use a blotting film or loose powder to soak up extra shine, especially around your eyes. Sexy, Smoky Eyes: 6 Seductive Looks


2. A little primer or concealer on your eyelids will go a long way in keeping your eye makeup put all night. With a smoky eye, there's a very fine line between sultry and street corner, so don't skip this crucial step!


3. Grab your eyeliner. If you're a brunette, reach for black or charcoal. These dark shades may be a bit harsh on blondes, so experiment and see. If it's too much, switch to a rich eggplant or dark chocolate brown (the same goes for your eyeshadow, Goldilocks!) If the tip of the pencil is pointy, dull and round it a bit by rolling it between your fingertips: you don't want a harsh, severe line. 5 Hair, Nail And Makeup Tips From A Guy


4. Don't have the steadiest of hands? Don't worry about making a super smooth line with your eyeliner: the smoky eye is supposed to look at a little undone. Play Connect the Dots. Dot the eye pencil along your upper lash line and connect each dot with a few feather strokes.

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