Weddings: Should The Father Give The Bride Away?

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One bride explains her very modern view of weddings, and why her father didn't give her away.

The first thing you need to know is that Dan asked me to marry him while we were brushing our teeth. We had been together for almost 10 years at that point, living together for five, and we had plenty of people despairing as to whether we would ever get around to tying the knot. We finally settled matters after flossing. Lemondrop: Weird Ways Guys Proposed—Crazy Engagement Stories

Big romantic gestures? Not our thing. We like to lie around eating ice cream straight from the container and watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia reruns. But then we jumped into planning mode for the wedding, a day that's supposed to be nothing but romantic moments and symbolic traditions. And even two cynics like ourselves couldn't help getting caught up in all the excitement.

When it came time to plan the ceremony, however, I started getting grouchy again. We'd nixed a church service early on because neither of us are religious, but going the plan-your-own route was fraught with problems too. Unity candles, planting trees, live music—we kept hating idea after idea. Lemondrop: Would You Let Your Groom Plan The Wedding?

We are not unity-candle people. (Or sand-pouring people. What is that even about?) We are certainly not comfortable around a string quartet. And then I started thinking (some might say over-thinking) about the most basic parts of the ceremony—like how we would walk into my parents' garden—and realized that the traditional father-gives-away-the-bride entrance wasn't going to work for us either.My Husband Had A Brain Hemmorrhage Like Bret Michaels

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Written by Viginia Sole-Smith for Lemondrop.