Kate Hudson Hates Cameron Diaz Dating ARod


Her new boobs may have been an attempt to get A-Rod's attention.

If last week's question was Are Kate Hudson's bigger boobs real or fake?, this week's question most surely is Did Kate Hudson get bigger boobs because she wants A-Rod back?

Perhaps, as Life & Style's "Scene Queens" are reporting that Kate Hudson is having a terrible time getting over her breakup with A-Rod and is totally jealous of Cameron Diaz moving in on him so quick.

Kate Hudson may have had a tough time getting over her breakup with baseball stud Alex Rodriguez, but now she's laughing about her ex-boyfriend's new fling with Cameron Diaz.

"When A-Rod and Kate were dating, he always told her that Cameron wasn't cute or his type," a friend of Kate's dishes to Life & Style's SCENE QUEENS. "So Kate thinks A-Rod is a total joke for dating Cam now."

Kate doesn't think very highly of Cameron either, to put it lightly.

"Kate hates Cameron," says the friend. "She finds her to be pathetic and desperate because she's always bouncing from boyfriend to boyfriend."

And while they used to be acquaintances, now Kate is giving Cam the ice-queen treatment.

"Kate won't give Cameron the time of day," the friend tells Scene Queens, "and all of Kate's friends can't stand her either." [Source: Life & Style]

Understandable in some ways, but the reason why she "grew bigger boobs?" InTouch (via Jezebel) magazine seems to think so, quoting an "close friend" as saying: "She's so happy and loves the results, and can't wait for A-Rod to see her now."

Kind of pathetic if it's true.