8 Bad Bar Behaviors To Avoid

woman being hit at at the bar

What not to do if you want to snag a date at the bar.

As a wise man once told me, there's not much a woman can do to make herself completely unappealing to every guy at a bar. After all, a bar contains all the essential elements to romance—booze, dim lighting, and the sweet, sweet smell of desperation. 

However, as difficult as it is to come off as completely repellent—especially as last call approaches—there are some behaviors to steer away from. So whatever you do ...

DON'T Travel In Packs

Flash-mobbing a bar with 12 of your best girls is great for a laugh, but if you're looking to meet men, few things are more off-putting than a gang of roving broads. (This goes quadruple if you're all wearing penis tiaras and shrieking about a wedding.) The Frisky: Just Ask Him Out On A Date!

DON'T Make It A Solo Event

Make no mistake, a lady sitting alone at the bar will get attention. Unfortunately, much of it will be unwanted. My friend Allie's office had a big debate over this topic and came to the conclusion that three is the optimal number for a girls' night out. This way if one of you is getting some action, the other two can keep each other company. If you're not interested in interaction, bring along a book and make sure you leave your drink with the bartender if you need to step out to the loo. The Frisky: How To Go To A Bar Alone

DON'T Order Inappropriately

Putting aside the fact that you shouldn't drink anything so stupid-sounding ever, ordering a Sex on the Beach in a dive decorated with flystrips and "wanted" posters is a recipe for ridicule. Likewise, ordering a PBR at a martini bar is dumb in a whole 'nother way. When in Rome, baby. The Frisky: MERRIme, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating