Jenna Jameson Tested Negative For Drugs

Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson
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Does Jenna's clean drug test prove that Tito Ortiz is a liar and abuser?

Perhaps Jenna Jameson didn't just run off to party in Las Vegas after her alleged assault by Tito Ortiz, like we first thought. Turns out that Jenna went to take a drug test at well-known Nevada lab American Toxicology, Inc. Jenna Jameson: Victim Of Abuse Or Addiction?

The results of Tuesday's drug test show that Jenna's urine sample tested negative for oxycodone and 10 other major drugs, prompting her attorney to make this statement: "The lab tests clearly exonerate Jenna Jameson of any hint, iota, or suggestion that she ingested or was under the influence of any opiates or controlled substances. Statements made by anyone to the contrary are completely impeached by the results from this prestigious testing facility."

Of course, since there are plenty of products and tricks out there designed to help people beat drug tests, there are still those who won't believe the test is legit. Not to mention that a lot of people judge Jenna's credibility based on her porn star past. But for all of his lawyer's claims, Tito hasn't shown any evidence of Jenna's drug use, or any proof that he didn't abuse her. Certainly his career as a professional fighter can't help his credibility, either.

Speaking of people with no credibility, a new witness has come forward to claim that she's seen Tito get rough with Jenna before. The witness? None other than a Tiger Woods mistress, porn star Joslyn James. Even though Jenna claimed that Monday was the first time Tito had been violent, Joslyn told the New York Daily News, "I saw three separate situations myself. They would be partying, and she wouldn't do anything in particular to set him off." Shocking Percentage Of Women Think Abuse Is OK

Maybe Joslyn should just stay out of this one. Doesn't she have a sexting website to take care of?

Scoop via TMZ and New York Daily News. Photo via Most Wanted/