How To Wear Red Lipstick

how to wear red lipstick
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How to wear red lipstick—7 tips for a perfect crimson pout.

Science tells us the color red drives men bananas—who are we to argue? We love it, too. For a date night out or a sexy night in, nothing beats the look of a classic red lip worn with confidence and a smile. Think you can't pull off it off? Think again. Follow the easy steps below for a perfect cherry pucker:

1. Get lips super smooth. Dry, flaky lips will look even worse with a bright lipstick coating them. To get rid of dead skin and smooth your pucker, lightly brush your lips with a toothbrush, and moisturize with Chapstick.

2. Grab your lipliner. We bet it's been a while since you've used lipliner, but a liner that's either the same shade as the lipstick or the natural color of your lips is key to prevent the lipstick from feathering and looking sloppy. Line your upper and lower lips with a light hand: no need to press down hard, and give it a couple of minutes to settle. Sexy, Smoky Eyes: 6 Seductive Looks

3. The secret to making your red lipstick stay put: translucent foundation. Dust your lips lightly with powder to give the lipstick a base to grab on to.

4. Choose the right shade. The perfect red might take a few tries to find, but let your skin's undertones be your guide when you're dazed and confused in Sephora. If you're fair skinned or have pink undertones, stay away from brown tones. A bluish-red will make your pout pop without looking too severe. Try a mauve or blood red. If you have olive skin, orange-based reds will make you shine. You can pull off a fire-engine bright red or berry/wine shades. If you're dark-skinned, you can work a range, from classic reds to darker brick shades. And brunettes, you lucked out! You can go for bolder, brighter shades than blondes: your dark locks will balance you out. Kissable Lip Gloss: 6 Splurge Or Save Glosses

5. Ready, set, apply! Grab a small lip brush if you have one for a more precise application. Start with your top lip, and apply from the center of your lip out to the sides. Do the same with your bottom lip. Resist the urge to get the color there by smacking your lips together. Fix any mistakes with a Q-tip and then repeat with a second layer of lipstick.

6. Go easy on the rest of your makeup. Tone the rest of your face down. There's no faster way to ruin a sexy red lip than by making it compete with your eye makeup and blush. 5 Hair, Nail And Makeup Tips From A Guy

7. Double and triple check. Keeping your red lips looking perfect throughout the night is possible, so long as you remember to check in. Throw a small hand mirror in your purse and do a lipstick check every half hour, especially if you're drinking or eating. The liner should keep your lipstick from wandering off onto the rest of your face, but you'll probably need to refresh with an extra coat once in a while, especially in the center of your lips. Kissing? Better reach for the makeup remover, unless your guy has been dying to try your new shade.