Jesse James Removes His Wedding Ring

Sandra Bullock Jesse James
Buzz, Heartbreak

The latest update in the continuing Jesse James-Sandra Bullock divorce saga.

Will the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James sex scandal saga never end? Despite Sandra's best efforts to stay under the radar, it looks like the paparazzi never fail to capture every small step Jesse James and Sandra take towards divorce, as they slowly untangle their lives from each other. Sandra Bullock's Master Divorce Plan

First, Sandra was photographed without her wedding ring earlier this month, and now, Jesse James is out of rehab and has been spotted without his wedding ring too outside of the Seal Beach, Calif. house they once shared. Sandra Bullock Shows Jesse James A Ringless Finger

Despite his reportedly numerous pleas for forgiveness (and a one month stint in rehab), it seems Sandra is ready to move on.

According to a report in the new issue of Us Weekly, the Oscar-winning actress "would have stayed with Jesse had his cheating not been made public. They would have worked out their issues," revealed an inside source. Should Sandra Bullock Accept The Mistress Apology?

However, with a reported 11+ mistresses, many of whom are publicity-seekers (yes, we're looking at you Bombshell McGee!), Sandra feels she has no choice but to file for divorce.