Michael Douglas MILFed His Mother's Best Friends

Michael Douglas Sex

Michael Douglas lost his virginity at 16 to two women twice his age.

In an upcoming interview with Elle magazine, the once-noted lothario Michael Douglas dishes about all the sex he had as a young whipper snapper. He does, after all, have a new movie to promote: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

While completely avoiding all talk of his son's legal troubles and subsequent jail time, Douglas spends most of the interview fondly recalling the times he had enough stamina to hold down two ladies a night.

"I remember one woman who'd been pursuing me, and I'd gone back home and was in bed with another lady. At an unbelievably inopportune moment, she popped out of the closet," he says. "Let's just say that took care of the rest of the night." The Joy Of (Group) Sex

He then goes on to drop a Mrs. Robinson bomb, admitting that two women nearly twice his sixteen years taught him everything thing he needed to know about women, two at a time or otherwise.

"I was 16, they were 30..." and "friends of my mother's," says the now 65-year-old actor about the day he presumably was coerced into group sex with family friends.

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"I wouldn't want to get any of them in trouble," Douglas told the magazine. "Though they're probably dead now."

Photo via Fame Pictures.