Meet The Staff: Video Producer Kevin Osgood

kevin osgood

Coordinating Video Producer Kevin Osgood creates viral video-worthy comedy gold.

Recently, the YourTango video—Facebook Manners and You—was named as an official honoree in the 2010 Webby Awards. The video had gone viral the year before, so we sort of knew that it was destined for greatness. The man behind the camera? Coordinating video producer Kevin Osgood.

Kevin's title suggests that he merely produces all of the video content on YourTango. In actuality, he is also the director, cinematographer, camera man, graphic designer, editor, set decorator, prop master and wardrobe specialist. Fulfilling all of these roles is a ton of work and, frankly, we're not quite sure how he does it. Apparently, he enjoys his work. He's also quick to acknowledge that he gets a tremendous amount of help from YourTango's awesome editorial staff (we are pretty awesome...) and fellow conspirator... er... co-worker Tom Miller, star of many of our videos.

Before joining us at YourTango, Kevin was a child star on the early '90s Disney Channel series The New Mickey Mouse Club. Some of us (::coughcough::) find this hilarious.

Moving on, Kevin has produced over 350 videos thus far, covering just about every conceivable topic in the love and relationship genre. He is currently working on a follow-up series to Facebook Manners And You, which will chronicle the romance of the video's two main characters, Alice Johnson and Timmy Gordon. Can't handle the suspense? Check out some of the other fantabulous videos this multitalented staffer has produced: