What Astrology Reveals About Celebrity Sex Lives

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Putting the sex lives of some of our favorite celebrities to the astrology test.

Who doesn't love great sex? Thanks to a new book about it, you can figure out whom you'll have the most chemistry with, or learn how to love up the one you're with, based on both your zodiac signs. Appropriately titled The Astrology of Great Sex, Myrna Lamb's book bears the subtitle "Discover Your Lover's—And Your Own—Deepest Desires".

Enticing, right? It is, and it's also pretty accurate and incisive. As a professional astrologer myself, I can say that: You'll be impressed by how much of what turns you on, and gets you off, can be determined by the day you were born.

Which gave us a thought: Besides flipping through to see how your exes stack up, couldn't this also give us invaluable insight into celeb couples' lives between the sheets? As it turns out, some of those gossipy stories that didn't seem to make much sense before, suddenly will! Read on, and you'll see what we mean. Lemondrop: Hot For Johnny? Mad for Brad? What Your Oscar Crush Says About You

Ryan Gosling (SCORPIO) & Rachel McAdams (LIBRA)

Oh, how we loved them together. But it's no wonder these two didn't make it. Scorpio wants to watch his mate scramble to make herself perfect for him, while Libra believes she's already flawless. Plus, Ryan's rush to passion may have also meant he never heard Rachel's pleas that she needs more talk and tenderness. Libras have an intrinsic desire to be wined, dined and rubbed down with gold-flecked oil. Meanwhile, a Scorpio has never heard of a word like "foreplay." Though with his staying power, the Main Event might last for hours. Lemondrop: Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling—GET BACK TOGETHER Already

Peter Saarsgaard (PISCES) & Maggie Gyllenhaal (SCORPIO)

No question the sex is hot, but this he-fish could cool things down, should he, say, shun oral sex out of fear his voracious she-scorpion might eat him alive! Scorpios are known for their fierce intensity. Pisceans for their lack of boundaries. In fact, they can be easily overwhelmed. Over the long haul, Maggie must grant Peter enough room to swim free, and show her appreciation for his innate knowledge of what makes her happy. (Pisces are also mad intuitive.) And, both being water signs, they're naturally on the same wavelength. Lemondrop: Cleaning Tips From Maggie Gyllenhaal (Who, Apparrantly, Cleans)

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