Pregnant Cougar Snags 19-Year-Old 'Kick-Ass' Star

Kick-Ass aaron johnson engaged to a cougar

Oh this is kind of gross. 19-year-old Kick-Ass Aaron Johnson has impregnated and is engaged to the 42-year-old woman who directed him in last year's Nowhere Man, a movie coincidentally about John Lennon's mommy issues.

Given the fact that he had to be just this side of 18 when they started filming, this whole affair has a kind of Mary Kay Letourneau stank about it. Inside The Mind Of A Cougar

Can you even imagine how the relationship began between Aaron and the 23-years-his-senior divorced director Sam Taylor-Wood? The Rules On Relationships At Work

"Aaron," she might say, "I want you to look at Julia in a whole new light. You desire her. The lines on her face are comforting; her soft embrace, intoxicating." Aging, Body Image And Dating A Younger Man

Young film star Aaron Johnson and divorced director Sam Taylor-Wood yesterday [in January] announced they are expecting their first child. The couple, who met when Sam, 42, cast Aaron, 19, as John Lennon in her feature film Nowhere Boy, have been engaged since October.

A spokesman for the pair said: "We can confirm that Sam is pregnant with her and Aaron’s first child. Both are very, very happy."
Artist-turned-director Sam has daughters Angelica, 12, and Jessie, three, from her 11-year marriage to Jay Jopling, which ended in 2008. Art dealer Jay, 46, has been linked with Lily Allen, 24. [Source: Daily Mirror]

So age ain't nothing but a number, sure. We get that. But can a marriage between a 19-year old man and a 42-year old woman last? Especially in Hollywood? And especially when there's a baby involved? History's 10 Fiercest Cougars

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