Dear Audience of the world,

                        Can your best friend be the one for you is something everyone wonders about. You and your best friend can have so much in common and to you he seems like he could actually be the one. Sometimes there are half of the chances that people would end up with their best friend or one of their friends. The other chances are to none at all. I say this because even though he so nice to you and you guys get along so well doesn't mean he is going to be a great boyfriend. Sometimes as the friend you get to see how your best friend acts or does with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend. If he/she sorta treats their lover wrong then there is a chance that if you guys so happen to get together he/she would treat you maybe the same.So next time when you believe that your best friend could be the one, check him/her out and get to know him/her a little better on their love lives.
                                                                                      Love yours,
                                                                                                      LILY AND WHITE ROSES