Couple Stranded By Volcanic Ash Wed Via Skype

skype wedding

Thanks to Skype, volcanic ash didn't stop one couple from getting married.

Aww. An Australian-British couple almost missed their wedding in London after the volcanic ash stranded them in Dubai. But determined to make the best of things, they decided to celebrate their big day with their family and friends via Skype.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, 24-year-old Sean Murtagh and his Aussie bride Natalie Mead, 30, rounded up the best clothes they could find in their suitcases and tied the knot in Dubai, surrounded by their fellow passengers as well as balloons and cake that were provided by the airport. Back in London, their family and friends watched their nuptials and cheered them on via webcam.

“Passengers stranded in the hotel were getting excited for the first time in days when they heard about our wedding; some even helped me with my hair and make-up. It was also great to see everyone in the UK on our wedding day, even if it was via webcam,” said Mead.

“It was just like any other wedding except the bride and groom weren’t there,” added Caroline Black, who officiated the online ceremony from London.

"It has been an amazing day and we are just so grateful for everything that everyone has done for us,” Mead said afterwards. “It is definitely a story to tell the grandchildren. There was no way we were going to let this volcano stop us [from] getting married.”

Photo Credit: Sydney Morning Herald