The 7 Commandments Of Social Networking

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7 internet relationship sins you should vow never to commit.

The Internet: Depending upon how you choose to use it, it can be a benign tool useful for expanding your social and romantic circle, or a hellish hosebeast whose thirst for ruined reputations knows no bounds. Lemondrop: How To Avoid Your Boss On Facebook

Basically, it's like Reese Witherspoon (wholesome, open, fresh) meets any of the trolls from any Real Housewives iteration (unbalanced and hell-bent on airing your personal business to anyone willing to listen to irrational nonsense.)

So how does a classy lady network socially with dignity and self-respect? Tristan Coopersmith, relationship expert and owner of Menu Dating Online, advises that there are seven deadly sins women should avoid if they wish to maintain digital dignity. Lemondrop: Crazy Ex Holds Facebook Account For Ransom

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Written by Liz Scott for Lemondrop.