How An Unhappy Marriage Can Damage Your Health

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New research shows that unhappy marriages can lead to a variety of physical health issues.

Single people are healthier than those who are divorced or widowed. Divorced and widowed people also age less gracefully. Compared with people who stayed married, people in second marriages still had 12 percent more chronic health problems and 19 percent more mobility problems.

Marital stress is linked to heart disease in women. Of 300 women who suffered from chest pains, those who reported the highest levels of marital stress were nearly three times as likely to suffer another heart attack or require a bypass. There was no similar correlation between heart disease and marital stress for men.

In happy marriages, physical touch from a partner helped regulate negative emotion without the use of your prefrontal cortex, proving that having a partner causes less wear and tear on the brain and body.

A study is currently underway to see how marital stress affects the body's ability to metabolize fats. The researchers believe they will find a positive correlation. 

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Written by Ami Angelowicz for The Frisky

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