New Year's Resolution: Are You Too Picky?

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From the sensible to the outlandish, what are your reasons for rejecting a guy?

Someone once told me that the reason I'm still single is because my standards are too high. I laughed in her face, flipping through a mental catalog of the disgusting creatures who've woken up in my bed. "Au contraire," I told her. "I think my standards are non existent." College Candy: Confessions Of An Online Dater

But last night, as I enjoyed a large DQ Blizzard while watching the latest drama on The Real Housewives of New York, I started reflecting on my dating past and why none of those boys are in my dating present. I grabbed a piece of paper (Ok, the back of a takeout menu…it was closer) and began listing all of the guys I've met/gotten naked with. College Candy: Does Making Out Make Me Slutty?

To my horror, the list had more dishes than the Chinese menu it was written on.

Next to each name I wrote down why that particular dude didn't work out. Over half of the list consisted of "d-bag didn’t call me back," or "don't know his real name," but the rest were my own doing. And after seeing it all written down on paper, I began to see my friend may have been right. College Candy: Enjoy The Journey Not The Destination Of Dating

Reasons I've rejected boys:

- Too much body hair.
- Watched Fox News.
- Wears khaki cargo pants.
- Wears a pinkie ring.
- Too skinny.
- Jack rabbit sex.
- Says LOL and BRB online. And in person.
- Two words: Doc Martins.
- Gave me a UTI.
- Man boobs.
- Thick calves.
- Doesn’t know who Chelsea Handler is.
- Serious gambling and drug problem and now living at home with parents because he can't be trusted alone.

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Written by CC Staff for College Candy