Best Of The Web: New Year's Eve!

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Is a one-night stand in your NYE future?

It's time for us all to put aside our differences and embrace New Year's Rockin' Eve. Some advice.

YourTango Expert Dr. Adam Sheck advises against going for broke this NYE in search of a little New Year's nookie. Great advice, unless you're desperate.

And desperation, booze, euphoria and New Year's Eve often lead to one thing: a one-evening sex fling. Asylum has a fun perspective one-night stands.

The gals at College Candy have an idea for a reasonable new year's resolution: better sex. We can all get on board with that and underneath it and behind it and beside it and occasionally in the shower with it on our birthdays.

Different positions aren't just what make a good relationship, else we'd all want to date the protagonists of pornographic films. Guyism has 8 reasons why dating a porn star is lame.

One of the reasons the entertainers in those films are so attractive is that they're strangers. What's not attractive is when your spouse feels like a stranger. Glo has 10 signs your spouse is like a stranger.

Would you rather be in a marriage you don't want or break off the engagement? When $100K and as many lady-hours have gone into the wedding's planning, one woman wants restitution. Huffington Post has the details.

Speaking of mistakes, has five mistakes that all guys make while dating. I'd guess one of them is not knowing if a relationship is wildly inappropriate.

Bad Online Dates has a little advice for a woman falling in love with her bud's step dad.

Back to NYE, Em & Lo ( have their man panel discuss what it takes to have a perfect New Year's Eve. I'm guessing it involves a little semi-intoxicated nookie.

And Lemondrop has advice on how to make that one-night stand on NYE a real possibility. A piece of advice: if you must drink, aim for slightly uninhibited because if you aim for life of the party you'll just end up making out hard with a toilet… again.

And Leftos wants you to keep in mind that this hook-up on NYE could be a more long-term thing. But how do you know if you're wifey material or just a jump-off?

The Frisky can tell you what makes men think of you as girlfriend material. Surprisingly, hooking up on New Year's Eve is neither a pro nor a con.

And my homegirl Simone Grant, who says "NYE is for amateurs," has a list of the best breakup songs just in case your Dec 31, 2010 is really a time for endings.

Enjoy the weekend, keep it safe and see you in 2011.