Is Kate Bosworth Ruining Alexander Skarsgard?


Anything Kate Bosworth touches turns to crap. Will that include her pretty new boyfriend?

Kate Bosworth and foxy True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard have been dating since they worked together on the remake of Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs last year, and though we'll withhold judgment on the movie, we are finding our affection for Alex waning due to his liaison with Kate. She's just...kind of...awful, right? Celebrity Romance Thrives At Coachella Festival

We were digging it when Perez Hilton linked Alex and Evan Rachel Wood last year, because they're both pale and pretty and kind of spooky. But then she went back to Marilyn Manson, ugh, and he started dating the walking lollipop, Kate, who seems to be using the relationship just for the publicity—she hasn't had a starring film role since 2008's 21, when it was rumored that she spent the entire shoot trying to steal scrumptious Jim Sturgess from his girlfriend. Check out these paparazzi snaps on Pop Sugar of the couple by the pool recently. Why yes, we always pose like that while sunbathing! Alex, meanwhile, is all "I am reading this script that is about how awesome I am. Bring me your finest herrings and some aquavit."

The couple were quite public about their relationship at last weekend's Coachella music festival in Indio, California. At one point Alex was carrying Kate on his shoulders so she could see the stage better. And he was looking very fine while doing it indeed. Which 'True Blood' Couple Are You?

So, yeah. Kate might be ruining Alexander Skarsgard for the rest of us, and that would be a shame, because he seems delightful. In a dark, Bergman-y kind of way. Maybe he should try dating someone who doesn't seem like she lives on cigarettes and bitchiness. Like us. Or that lovely Abbie Cornish. Sweden's Drive-Thru Weddings

Via Celebitchy and Pop Sugar. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.