Poor Kate Gosselin Hasn't Had Sex In 15 Months


And good sex in who knows how long? Ahh... so that's why she's so difficult.

Kate Gosselin has not had sex in over a year, which initially seems a bit sad until you think about it this way: Kate Gosselin had sex with Jon Gosselin just over a year ago. Yuck!

Either way you spin it, each option perfectly explains the frustration and anger behind her eyes, the stiffness in her shuffle: No sex in fifteen months, and no sex with a decent penis in God knows how long. Kate Gosselin Is 'Ready To Date,' But Who?

Says the tabloids:

Life & Style can reveal that the last time Kate Gosselin had sex was 15 months ago! According to Stephanie Santoro — the family's former nanny, who hooked up with Jon after his June 2009 split with Kate — Jon and Kate hadn't gotten physical since the very beginning of 2009. And she knows because Jon himself told her. "The last time Jon and Kate were intimate was January 2009," Stephanie tells Life & Style. [Source: HuffPo]

Anyhow, as you very well may know, Kate and her partner Tony Dovolani were voted off Dancing With The Stars recently, and so have been making the requisite media rounds.

Here they are on Jimmy Kimmel talking about the "train wreck" of her life, a possible go on The Bachelorette, and the fact that she's "married to [her] kids and [her] career," leaving her no time to end that nasty dry spell. 4 Non-Religious Reasons To Be Celibate