In Divorce, Who Gets The Farmville Assets?

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A judge in China has denied a woman's claim to virtual assets she acquired during her marriage.

Divorce just got a little bit weirder: TIME reports that a court in China has dismissed a woman's claim to virtual assets she and her estranged husband acquired during marriage. The two married in 2008 after meeting online, but their happiness, unfortunately, did not translate to the real world. According to China Daily, the couple are divorcing because neither person was willing to do any housework (presumably, they were too busy gaming to straighten up). 9 Deadly Divorce Mistakes Not to Make

During their marriage, the couple merged their online gaming accounts under the husband's name and collected a good number of virtual properties—think Farmville cows or pets you can buy on Facebook. Although the woman demanded her share of the property, her husband objected, and the judge ruled that the law had no place in the ownership of internet possessions. Are Divorced Friends Bad For Your Marriage?

Although the argument seems trivial, virtual assets are actually valuable among gamers who see their time spent collecting them as a currency equivalent to actual money. According to TIME, many Chinese gamers participate in "gold farming," where players sell the points they've earned in a game to novices who are too lazy to beat the level themselves. Apparently, the woman wants her points and her virtual cows back, but since the judge won't allow it, she has to start her games over again. How Do I Tell Him I Want a Divorce?

The gamer couple's divorce isn't the only tragicomic separation circulating the web. In 2007, China Daily reported that after 10 years of marriage, a man served up divorce papers after finding out his wife had lied about her age. When he proposed to her, she claimed she was 24, but she was actually 30. In 2009, a Saudi woman divorced her husband after finding out that he'd nicknamed her "Guantanamo" on his cell phone. According to the Telegraph, the couple had been married for 17 years, but the wife was willing to reconsider her decision if he offered financial compensation for the offense. 

The strangest story we found occurred in southern Russia, where a woman divorced her husband after his penis extension broke off during sex. Although the husband went through the trouble of being fitted with a prosthetic to fulfill his wife's needs, the horror of seeing it snap off during sex compelled her to call him a failure and to call their marriage a day.

Have you heard any strange divorce stories lately? If you were getting divorced, would you care if your husband kept all the virtual flowers, farms, and game points you'd acquired during marriage?