Josh Duhamel Wants Seven Kids With Fergie

Josh Duhamel Fergie babies
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Josh Duhamel's ravenous baby hunger will not be sated.

Josh Duhamel says he's ready to start a family with his wife, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, and that he'd be thrilled with a Brangelina-sized brood. "I'm happy with one, but I'll take seven," Josh said at a Red Cross gala on Saturday. He also says they'd be willing to adopt. So now we wonder how Josh Duhamel's ravenous hunger for babies can ever be satisfied. He's like a male, married Jennifer Aniston.

Josh and Fergie's fifteen-month marriage hit a rough spot last fall when a Georgia stripper alleged that she and Josh had an affair while he was filming in Atlanta, and later said that she was pregnant with Josh's baby (she wasn't). Josh and Fergie denied the rumors of an affair and renewed their vows in January, a year after their wedding. And now the singer says they're solid. "I want to finish this tour first before trying to start a family," she told The Daily Mail in October. Fergie Prefers 'Well-Endowed' Husband To Women

Josh said a year ago that he'd be happy to stay home with the kids while Fergie works, which is tragic because how will we cope without a steady influx of increasingly smashy Transformers movies? We guess they could replace Josh with his brother from another mother, the equally luscious Timothy Olyphant, but that would be as weird as the producers of Iron Man 2 asking us to believe that Terrence Howard went to bed one night and woke up looking like Don Cheadle.

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